A previous intern becomes "teen enemy number 1"

Brendan Lee started as an intern with Clarovista in the winter of 2010. He worked on several mobile app projects while attending the University of Central Arkansas. Unfortunately,  Brendan left Arkansas to pursue a degree in South Caroline and work with a startup incubator. 

Brendan is co-founder of a mobile app development startup called 52 Apps. The premise being, his team will release roughly one app a week. Ambitious. Read this Bloomberg article. 

His latest app to make it big is the Canary Project. Canary let's you monitor your child's phone. The goal of the app is to reduce teen driving distractions like texting while driving and speeding.

With this leveling of monitoring, you can see why friends are calling him "teen enemy number 1."

Pulled from TheCanaryProject.com

Canary is an iPhone and Android Application that will let parents know immediately via real time e-mail and pushed text alerts if their teenager is:
• Talking on the phone while in a moving vehicle
• Using the phone while in a moving vehicle (includes texting, facebook, twitter, email, web surfing)
• Traveling over a designated speed limit
The app also has several safety features for concerned parents. They include:
• An "Emergency / Panic Button" that will send a notification with location information to designated contacts
• A location system that parents can setup for:
• Restricted Areas: parents get alerted if you enter one of these areas - examples would be a boyfriend's house or a bad area of town
• Safe Zones: parents get alerted if you leave the area - examples would be if you are staying overnight at a friends or you are at the mall
• Curfew areas: parents get alerted if you are late arriving or early leaving - examples would be your school or your home

Download the iPhone App.