@Travvell competes in @ATT & @AmericanAir #atthack #newAmerican #SXSWi hackathon

Over the last weekend the @Travvell team participated in the @AmericanAir and @ATT hackathon at SXSWi in Austin, Tx. We had a blast and built an iPhone and iPad app with a completely scalable mySQL/Java App backend using Spring on Amazon's Cloud. While we didn't win-we had a blast, got access to AT&T and American Airline's APIs and built a production-ready product that can scale to millions of concurrent users. We're all looking forward to the next one.

The product we developed is called NearlyThere. Its a mobile app that allows you to transmit your GPS location to the Gate & Flight Crew. Its perfect for when you're running to the Gate to catch a connecting flight and you want to let the staff know you're NearlyThere. Of course the Flight Crew may not hold the door for you, but then again - they might if they knew how close you were.

We had a great time at the event and meeting the AT&T and American Airlines Developer teams, as well as, the many other API providers and partners who were there.